responsible packaging


Reduce your environmental impact with responsible packaging

For us, packaging choices are based on studying the entire value chain of packaging from raw materials to the share of reusable packaging waste.

80% of our packaging materials can be recycled, refilled or used in energy production.

Responsible packaging also means that we help consumers do their part in reducing packaging waste by providing them with information about recycling and reuse of packages. 

our mission

Fitody is at the forefront of responsible tech fitness. Our mission represents a commitment to “respecting the planet and its people, always.”

our goals

These goals include: Eliminate plastic packaging.

This includes ALL plastic, including bio-based plastic, compostable plastic, and plastic with additives - all of which are “alternative” options to petroleum plastic that do not really solve the problems created by plastic. 

go green with fitody

As an environmentally friendly tech fitness company – Fitody can help to lessen your environmental impact with recycled packaging products all while crushing your fitness goals.

Our continuous recycling cycle is a great way to reduce the damage to the environment and showcase your support for a cleaner planet and as one that cares about their carbon footprint.