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fitody stackable resistance exercise bands set



5 resistance bands with 150lbs of total stackable resistance  

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clean and care 

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✔️ Clean bands by wiping with a damp cloth.
✔️ Keep stored bands away from heat sources.
✔️ Make sure bands are completely dry after cleaning it before you put them away.


❌ Do not use soap or any cleaning products to clean bands as these can deteriorate the strength of the band.  
❌ Avoid storing bands near direct sunlight.  
❌ Bands should not be stored outside or in cold environments.

how to anchor your resistance bands at home


Our door anchor is a sturdy nylon loop that has a thicker part on one side. To use it, close the door with the thick part on the other side of the door with the other side of the loop sticking out on the other side. Your door frame needs enough clearance to be able to close the door with the loop squished in between the door and frame. 

Not all doors have that option. Interior doors are usually more suitable than exterior doors. You can put them anywhere you want, even at the top and bottom if the gap allows.

heavy workout equipment

If you have the privilege of owning your own home gym with equipment, that’s great. Especially if you’ve got a power rack there are a ton of options to attach a resistance band.

Many power racks have band pegs built in or are available as an add-on. And even if you don’t have band pegs on your rack, you can still wrap the band around all the uprights and braces.


 If you’ve got nothing else available, you can try furniture. It has to be quite heavy to keep it from moving while exercising.


There are quite a few exercises that you can anchor on yourself. Most movements that aren’t front to back (Like chest press), you can do without any anchor. For example; for shoulder presses and lateral raises you can just hold the band under your feet.

With a little bit of creativity you can do a lot of exercises without any anchoring.  

what's in the box

Get in touch with us for details on additional services and custom work pricing
5 Resistance Bands
2 Foam Handles
2 Ankle Straps  
Door Anchor
Training Guide
Waterproof Nylon Carry-bag

frequently asked questions

Can resistance bands help lose weight?

Yes, resistance bands can help you lose weight by giving more resistance to your other exercises. More resistance means more muscle growth and more calories used. 

How long do resistance bands last?

How long resistance bands last depends on use and storage conditions. Our bands can last about 3 years with regular use.

Are resistance bands as effective as free weights in the gym?

It has been scientifically proven that you can get improved/same muscle definition and strength by using resistance bands. Majority of the exercises you would do with dumbbells/barbells/machines at the gym can be done with our resistance bands kit as well.

How do the resistance bands anchor to the door? Do you need to fix something permanently to the door?  

No. Our kits comes with a door anchor. It's a strap looking thing with a round headed end. You just put it through the door, go on the other side and adjust where you want it. And then shut the door. It's really that easy!  

How many exercises can I do with resistance bands?  

Over 100+ exercises are possible with our bands.