Welcome to Fitody

Fitody was created with the desire to make at-home fitness better.

Our Story

When founder Matilda was forced to work from home during lockdown, she learned how difficult it was to keep up with her old workout routines that revolved around her gym and personal trainer.

Frustrated while looking for alternative ways to stay active, Matilda decided to try different types of workout equipment at home. While in the market, she noticed that most workout machines were designed for men. 

Although Matilda attempted to make the most of her new at-home routines, they never felt as good as having a personal trainer.

As a previous app developer, Matilda decided to create a product that acted as a personal trainer at home, helping people stay motivated and accountable.

Designed Just For You

With a variety of smart devices, Fitody is taking at-home workouts to the next level.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all tech model, Fitody smartwatches, scales, and apps combine to utilize your unique inputs, offering custom workout strategies tailor-made to your physical makeup and goals. 

Fitody focuses its technology on customization and is inclusive of all genders and body types, giving you the most personalized at-home experience possible.

“Because shouldn’t futuristic workout machines be designed for all genders?”

Matilda, Founder of Fitody