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- fitody flex earbuds -

Quincie V.

My husband got a pair of these over 2 weeks ago and hasn’t had to charge them yet! We both love our pairs. I got the pink color and they’re so cute. They fit well, block out noise, and have great sound. I like them more than beats!

Trevor T.

These earbuds are great for the gym. Clear sound and won't fall off while you're running or intense workout. Definitely recommend these earbuds as these have been the best I've used so far and I'm very particular about earbuds. Great battery and very comfortable in the ears which is a huge plus.

Kelly C.

These are great little earbuds. The sound is good and the battery life is amazing. I can use them all day and not run out of battery and then pop them in the case to recharge multiple times; I only need to recharge the case once a week.

Stephanie E.

These headphones are pretty darn good. The sound quality is great. They came charged and ready. Didn’t have any problems connecting both. Just make sure both are on before connecting to Bluetooth. Fit great inside the ears. There are different pieces depending on the size of your ear. Overall, I’m impressed!😁

Cherie R.

I can not wear air pods or anything that just hangs in my ear. It doesn't feel right and I can never get good fit. There ear buds look good, have a cook charging case and they fit in my ears perfectly. They sound good and, in my opinion, they are great at canceling noise. I would purchase again.

Jennifer D.

These earbuds are perfect for walking on the treadmill while watching television! The sound is excellent and they stat put in place. For the price comparison with other earbuds these are well worth the money. I'd buy again and recommend to anyone.

Alicia W.

My husband works outside in the weather for 12 hours a day. These are the best headphones we have bought so far.

Gemini L.

I've had so many ear buds hurt my ears and finally I found these!!! I'm so excited to be able to put these in my ear without them causing pain!! Not to mention they're pretty in PINK! Two thumbs up for these!

Marc B.

This is the first time I go for a run and I don’t have to mess with my earbuds. They fit perfectly and sound great. The battery lasts a long time. Highly recommend.

Charles O.

They sync easily with Bluetooth and the charge lasts a very long time. I use these mostly at the gym. The water proof design and no slip earbuds are great and comfortable to wear. They keep me focused on my workout. A great product and a great value.

Scarlett B.

Great wireless earbuds. Works very well while I run! The charge hold for a while! Does not take long to charge as well. Highly recommend this to anyone!

David G.

Great Value for the price. Just arrived but very happy with them.

Albert P.

It's been hard to find a set of earbuds that fit comfortably in my little ears and don't fall off when I'm running or skating. Very comfortable to wear for long periods of time!

Jessie T.

I love them!! These are the best headphones I’ve had so far! The battery life is amazing! They pair to any Bluetooth with ease and stay in your ear!

Carrie A.

Great product, amazing sound quality and in an 8 hr shift I only use 40% battery

Lisa E.

They are very comfortable and stay in my ears. After a serious surgery around my ear I thought I was destine for headphones for the rest of my life, but I can run and they stay in place! And the sound quality is very clear!